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Calum   Cole


Name: Calum Cole

Nickname: Casual or Calamity

Age: 20

Favourite  Position !! (playing hurling & Football):    Goals or half back                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Club: Buttevant

High point in sporting career: Leading the comeback with a rocket of a goal vs Killavullen in League Final last year

Favourite food: Roast Beef or Pizza

Favourite Dish to Cook? Spuds and chicken maryland

 Favourite Tv program: Breaking Bad

Favourite Film: The Godfather

Favourite Cartoon as a kid: Looney Tunes

When You Were Growing Up What Did You Want To Be: a billionaire.

In the movie of my life i would be played by: Denzel Washington

Stranded On An Island, What Are Your 3 Essential Items: Couch, tv, playstation

Stranded On An Island, Who Would You Most Like To Keep You Company? My dog Max

What do you normally eat for Breakfast: Weetabix

Socks up or down: Down

Fav venue: Castletownroche

Toughest opponent: Conor "Big Paw" Flynn was a beast back in the day until he got scrap metal instead of knees

Biggest messer on team: J.D Murphy is normally causing havoc somewhere

Player who looks after themselves: Seanie Madigan (Wears suit jacket with jeans) or Darren "Shortpants" Quinn (Takes protein with lucozade and Taytos)

Hobby: NBA Basketball 

Couldn't live without: Family and friends

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