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Junior Hurlers bow out to Ballygiblin   30/07/2017

Buttevant 0-12 Ballygiblin 1-10

Buttevant exited the Junior Premier Hurling Championship on Friday evening in Doneralie by the slimmest of margins against Ballgiblin. It was a tight, low-scoring, physical game which saw free-takers do the bulk of the damage. Scores from open-play came at a premium, as in general every blade of grass was seemingly tended to by a defender, given the amount of hooks and blocks registered.

Buttevant began the brighter of the teams, diving into the contest with animalistic tenacity which was kept up throughout, driving through contact and making ourselves known. The opening minute was the loosest bit of play in the match, with the sides trading a point a piece, 0-01 to 0-01. Buttevant began to get on top, winning several balls we had no right to win, only through some great defensive work, and the ball being sent in allowed Kevin Lenahen and Adrian Noonan to run directly at the Ballygiblin defence and draw some easy fouls, which Kevin O’Keefe duly converted, 0-04 to 0-01.

As mentioned, the work-rate on example from the lads was phenomenal, with JD Murphy and Denis O’Connell wreaking havoc inside in the engine room in midfield. The half back line stood like a wall, deflecting and catching the Ballygiblin puckouts and driving it downfield with the breeze, and our forwards manufactured a couple of goal chances in a row which were somehow kept out. These would prove costly.

Ballygiblin were having a bad day from the placed ball, and Kevin was in imperious form, so we powered into a lead of 0-08 to 0-04 at half time. The beginning of the second half was the vital time, as we had to keep on the pressure and continue to win the physical battles.

We began as we finished the first half, standing strong and driving into the heart of Ballygiblin. It seemed like despite the goal chances gone a begging, it may just be our day when after some incredible defensive work and a savage turnover led to the ball popping into Keefe’s hand, who lodged it over the bar from a mighty distance. 0-10 to 0-05

Unfortunately, from the ensuing puck out, Ballygiblin gained primary possession for one of the only times in the game, and a lofted ball in around our goalmouth somehow found its way into the net in spite of the square ball rule. Talk about having the wind knocked out of your sails. 0-10 to 1-05.

During a seven-minute spell where the Ballygiblin freetaker finally emerged with the aidof the breeze, we saw our hard-fought five point lead vanish and become a single point deficit, 0-10 to 1-08.

Nevertheless, we renewed our intensity and kept thundering into challenges. I think anyone in the crowd would agree, it was a far busier day for the stats man than the scorekeeper. The sheer amount of hooks and blocks we got in was unbelievable. On countless occasions, a Ballygiblin man looked to have found space yet out of nowhere a Buttevant hurley would appear. Seamus Madigan epitomised this inside corner back, as three times in a row he blocked down his man.

With three minutes left, Ballygiblin expanded the lead to two points, 0-10 to 1-09. Chris O’Toole landed a peach of a point under heavy pressure to cut it to a single point once more, 0-11 to 1-09.

Tadgh Healy was hauled down illegally by three Ballygiblin men on the 65, and as our protests where waved away Ballygiblin profited, scoring again. 0-11 to 1-10.

With time expiring, and our lads refusing to die, Kevin O’Keefe landed a final free over the bar, 0-12 to 1-10, but after this we simply ran out of time. We were beaten, and bitterly disappointed.

The result brings an end to our hurling campaign this year, and there are a few points to be mentioned. The attitude shown in training and matches was incredible, and several new players were blooded this year. It’s safe to say pride has been restored in the hurling geansai after a difficult few years.

To say thanks to Aidan, Jack, Gonzo, Claude and Joey simply doesn’t do them any justice, as the effort they have put in throughout the year was immeasurable. The lads know well how much they are appreciated by both the players and the club.

The club is still in action on the football front, and we will now look forward to a League final vs Kilworth and a Championship semi-final vs Kilshannig.


 Team: Daithi Linehan, David Walsh, Tadgh O’Sullivan, Seamus Madigan, John O’Neill, Tadgh Healy, Calum Cole, Denis O’ Connell, JD Murphy, Darren Healy, Anthony O’Neill, Kevin Lenehan, Adrian Noonan, Kevin O’Keefe, Willy Fitz. Subs used: Denis O’ Sullivan, Chris O’Toole, Brian O’Shaughnessy

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