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Division 1 League Buttevant vs Mallow   14/02/2017

Buttevant 5 - 08 Mallow 0 - 15

Buttevant kicked off their 2017 Division 1 Football League campaign with a win over Mallow on Saturday night, 11th of February.

A bitterly cold night was unable to quench the flames of Buttevant attack, as we found the net an incredible five times. Captain Micheal Broe, Ryan Fowley (3) and Seamus Madigan were the goal scorers, and the team put in a well-rounded display, considering it was just the first day out of the year. 

There are improvements needed in the aftermath of the game, in both fitness and footballing, and no doubt there will be a strong focus in training during the coming weeks and months.

Buttevant abú!

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